Iconovo AB changes liquidity provider and Certified Adviser to Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ)

Iconovo AB announces today that it is changing liquidity provider and Certified Adviser from Erik Penser Bank AB to Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ).

Iconovo AB has terminated the assignment regarding liquidity guarantee with Erik Penser Bank AB and has appointed Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ) as the new liquidity provider for the company's shares that are listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market in Stockholm. The change of liquidity provider is in accordance with Nasdaq Stockholm's regulations regarding liquidity providers.

In its role as liquidity provider, Carnegie must continuously set a price for Iconovo AB in accordance with the minimum requirements for liquidity providers applicable at any time that follow from Nasdaq Stockholm's regulations. The purpose is to improve the share's liquidity and to reduce the difference (spread) between the purchase and sale price that exists on the market.

Carnegie's assignment as liquidity provider begins on 30 November 2023.

Iconovo AB has also entered into an agreement with Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ) regarding the service as Certified Adviser. Carnegie Investment Bank AB (publ) will take over as Certified Adviser on 30 November 2023. Until then, Erik Penser Bank AB will continue as Certified Adviser for the company.