Year-end report spotlights healthy progress for Iconovo

Last Friday, Iconovo released its year-end report for 2019. The report highlights the company’s ability to make a large investment in their new inhalation platform ICOpre, as well as its opportunities to land on the US generic powder inhalation drug market. BioStock caught up with the company’s VP Business Development, Roger Lassing, to better understand what it all means for Iconovo in 2020.

The strong progress made by the Swedish inhalation device company Iconovo in 2019 was made clear in their year-end report. One of the main highlights of the report is the company’s forward-looking investment into a new inhalation platform that includes the ICOpre inhaler and corresponding dry powder formulations. The investment was made possible after the company raised 60 MSEK from a share issue directed at large institutional investors in November, with net proceeds of 56 MSEK. Read more