Replacing injections with inhalation

There are many therapies given as injections, that are temperature sensitive and challenging to store and transport, for example insulin and vaccines. One of the major challenges in vaccination programs in low-income regions with poor infrastructure, is the need of a cold chain for transportation of the vaccine. If the vaccine can be formulated as a dry powder for inhalation, the risk of damage to the vaccine during transport can be significantly reduced. With no need for cold chain for transport, the vaccine (or other treatment) can get to its destination by available means of transportation.

Dry powder inhalation is adminstered by the patient herself, unlike injections which requires medical staff. Injections leave hazardous waste with risk of injury and contamination. And there are of course many patients who prefer treatment without needles.

Besides from the practical side of drug administration, the performance of the pharmaceutical is improved by inhalation instead of injection.

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Insulin delivered with inhaler – the case strengthens