Iconovo´s new inhaler ICOpre® to be presented at RDD 2021 workshop

Iconovo´s new prefilled dual cavity dry powder inhaler will be publicly presented for the first time at RDD 2021 (May 4 – 7th). The design, different features and the development process of ICOpre will be displayed at a workshop at the meeting. Iconovo explains how an integrated process can accelerate the product development to arrive at a complete inhalation product bioequivalent to Ellipta® including both the inhaler and a powder formulation. Iconovo applies a parallel development process for all generic Ellipta products and plans to out-license the whole portfolio of generic Ellipta products in ICOpre.

ICOpre has been developed in Iconovo’s laboratory by its own specialists in inhaler engineering, powder formulation and analytical characterization. The expertise is reflected in excellent in-vitro equivalence for ICOpre achieved already after less than 12 months of development.

The Ellipta portfolio represents a major commercial opportunity with forecasted sales of USD 4.9 billion in 2025. However, the Ellipta inhaler is protected by several patents lasting until 2030, protecting many portfolio products longer than the drug substance patents. Iconovo decided to develop a proprietary internal design with a unique injection molded disk and cavity opening to go free from these patents. Not only will any company launching ICOpre avoid the infringement risk but also earn a patent protection for almost 20 years. But Iconovo did not stop here and has given it a clean attractive Scandinavian exterior design.

The presentation at RDD is by CTO Dr. Orest Lastow, the founder and inventor of the inhalers from Iconovo and can be viewed as an on-demand video by participants at RDD.


Johan Wäborg, CEO
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