US FDA Type III Drug Master File submitted for capsule inhaler ICOcap® from Iconovo

Iconovo announce that the capsule-based dry powder inhaler ICOcap® has been submitted to U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) by partner Stevanato as Type III Drug Master File. New customers to ICOcap® can now reference this DMF submission when developing their drug-device product for the US market. This FDA submission follows a receival of CE-mark in European Union for clinical trials with ICOcap®.

”Stevanato is doing a great job in getting the ICOcap® inhaler globally ready for pharmaceutical companies to develop their products with ICOcap®. Now they have managed to take major steps in two of the largest markets in the world. US, the largest pharma market in the world, is a crucial market to be in with ICOcap®”, says Johan Wäborg, CEO for Iconovo.

About ICOcap

ICOcap is a patented capsule-based dry powder inhaler with a one-piece-design and improved handling features making it easy-to-use. It is currently designed with a low flow resistance but can be customized to a flow resistance of choice. ICOcap™ is available from Stevanato for quick product launch and competitively priced off-the-shelf supply.