The first two ICOpre® patents filed

Iconovo AB (publ) has filed two ICOpre® patent applications.

ICOpre® is Iconovo’s new inhalation platform and builds on novel proprietary technology and unique technical solutions. For an innovative company like Iconovo it is paramount to protect its inventions and intellectual property. These two patents are the first step in building a strong patent portfolio around ICOpre. Iconovo has already 84 granted patents and 25 applications covering the other inhalation platforms.

”I am very pleased that ICOpre has reached this very important milestone. A strong protection of our intellectual property has always been Iconovo’s strategy and an absolute requirement from our customers. This is a major step forward in the development of our generic Relvar® ICOpre®”, says CTO Dr. Orest Lastow.

About ICOpre®

ICOpre® is a pre-metered multi-dose inhaler for simple once-daily treatment. It works well with all types of inhalation powders. It has an easy three-step operation; open-inhale-close, like the well-known Ellipta® inhaler from GSK. With 30 aluminum-sealed doses, it provides one month of treatment. Each dose comes from two different cavities that are inhaled simultaneously, making ICOpre suitable for mono, duo and triple products. ICOpre has a precise dose-counter that shows the number of doses remaining. ICOpre is being developed based on a unique principle that will be protected by a number of patents.