Iconovo’s unique single dose inhaler ICOone® Nasal received high marks in user study

Iconovo AB (publ), that develops inhalation products for a global market, has conducted a user study to assess the handling of its ICOone® Nasal inhaler. The aim is to simplify the usage of ICOone® Nasal so that users can operate it correctly without detailed instructions.

The study, a so-called human factor study, was conducted by the consulting company Emergo on behalf of Iconovo and is part of the company's development effort to optimize ICOone Nasal for inhalation treatment of viral infections and other respiratory diseases. The study involved 15 people aged between 16 and 75. Participants reported positive impressions of the ICOone Nasal inhaler in general, including that it doesn’t require complicated preparation before use, is easy to handle and has an appealing design. The study results confirm the functionality of ICOone Nasal and comprise an important step forward in the product development. Iconovo can now offer its customers documentation of ICOone Nasal which, together with the user feedback, will be valuable for further customization and future commercialization of the inhaler.
"Inhalation therapy offers flexible and targeted treatment of respiratory diseases, but optimal drug delivery requires that the inhaler is easy to handle, even for novice users. The successful user study that we have now conducted is therefore an important step that adds value to the product development of ICOone," says Johan Wäborg, CEO of Iconovo.
About ICOone Nasal
ICOone Nasal is a unique, patented nasal inhaler with a very low manufacturing cost. It is particularly suitable for short-term treatment, vaccination and on-demand administration, as it offers many medical and practical benefits at an unprecedented low cost of treatment. ICOone Nasal is driven by the user’s own inhalation, which results in the drug or vaccine being distributed evenly across the airways. By adjusting the size of the particles, the drug can be targeted to stay in the nose, partially or completely, or to be transported further down the airways.
Iconovo is working with several partners to develop ICOone, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which in July this year awarded Iconovo approximately SEK 9 million to optimise ICOone Nasal for the treatment of viral respiratory infections.