Iconovo receives approval of new European patent for its single-use inhaler ICOone®

Iconovo AB (publ), that develops complete inhalation products for a global market, today announced that the European Patent Office EPO intends to approve Iconovo's patent application for the inhaler platform ICOone® (Communication under Rule 71(3) EPC). The patent describes the company's single-dose inhaler, which is currently being used in three innovative collaborative projects for the administration of e.g., oxytocin and covid-19 vaccine. Iconovo already has a well-established patent portfolio for ICOone® in Sweden, Europe (EPO), the USA, China and India.

Iconovo's innovative inhaler platform ICOone® enables the administration of vaccines and bioactive molecules in a simple and cost-effective way. Since the drug is dispensed as a dry powder in ICOone®, no expensive cold storage transportation is required. Furthermore, ICOone® enables easy and safe handling for both patients and healthcare professionals. Risks connected with the handling of disposable syringes and used needles are avoided since the pharmaceutical is inhaled.
"This patent protects a unique property of ICOone that makes it very easy to manufacture, which contributes to a very low manufacturing cost. In the event of a pandemic, it is important to reach a large population worldwide in a cost-effective way. In many markets, the manufacturing cost is decisive for the choice of product", says Dr Orest Lastow, Chief Technical Officer at Iconovo.

About ICOone®
ICOone is a unique, patented dry powder inhaler for single use. The smart design generates an ultra-low manufacturing cost combined with simple and discreet use. It is particularly suitable for short-term treatment and as-needed use as it provides an unsurpassed low treatment cost and price point for treatments with a low number of doses. The simple design also enables patients and caregivers to learn how to handle the inhalers with minimal training. ICOone can deliver large inhalation doses that are well protected against moisture, an important factor for many biomolecules.