Iconovo initiates feasibility study with Affilogic for development of inhalable Nanofitin®-based biotherapies

Iconovo AB (publ), which develops complete inhalation products for a global market, today announces that it has entered into a feasibility agreement with Affilogic, a French biotech company, regarding the implementation of a feasibility study of inhalable affinity proteins Nanofitins® in Iconovo's ICOone. The project aims to develop a new treatment for lung diseases.

Our new customer project adds additional value to Iconovo, with significant knowledge about the development of biological drugs, a growing market where we see great potential for our unique inhalers. We look forward to a close collaboration with Affilogic and have good hopes of being able to expand our collaboration in the future, says Johan Wäborg, CEO of Iconovo.

After the completion of the feasibility study, the biotech company has the opportunity to enter into a license agreement with Iconovo for the use of the treatment in one of the company's inhaler platforms with certain rights to exclusivity. Possible future license agreements may generate additional revenue through development work, milestone and royalty payments, or sales of inhalers.