Iconovo and Galenica enters a strategic collaboration for the development of new inhalation products

Iconovo AB (publ), that develops complete inhalation products for a global market, has entered into a strategic collaboration with Galenica AB – a company specializing in the development and manufacture of pharmaceuticals for clinical studies. The main purpose of the collaboration is to facilitate the manufacturing of clinical trial material for companies developing new drugs for Iconovo's innovative single dose inhaler ICOone.

Innovative inhalers are necessary to bring out the full potential from future medicines for respiratory and lung diseases. Other types of medicines and vaccines can also be administered via inhalers, not least biological drugs that otherwise have to be given as an injection, which comes with requirements for sterility and often also cold storage. The development of complete inhalation products requires both a technology platform and formulation expertise, something that most research-based pharmaceutical companies lack, but which Iconovo can offer. Another challenge for pharmaceutical companies is the manufacturing of the material needed to start the first clinical studies. Iconovo is now investing in a solution, where equipment is placed at Galenica, to standardize the processes for the manufacture of clinical trial material in a GMP environment. Standardized processes and established forms of cooperation will shorten the time for the manufacture of clinical trial material and facilitate technology transfer to the customer's production facility.

Both companies are located in the Malmö-Lund region which is a great advantage as the technology transfer can be significantly streamlined through close cooperation. The focus of the collaboration will be on customers who develop novel pharmaceuticals and want to use Iconovo's innovative disposable inhaler ICOone.

"The collaboration with Galenica is part of our efforts to broaden the use of ICOone among international pharmaceutical companies developing novel medicines. We will have an even more attractive and complete customer offering by being able to provide our customers with a product ready to go into early clinical trials," says Johan Wäborg, CEO of Iconovo.

The process for Iconovo's customers becomes more seamless and slot times for manufacturing can be scheduled with short lead times due to the close collaboration between Iconovo and Galenica. Galenica will be responsible for the efficient preparation of each individual customer project, for example by ensuring prior qualification of equipment and approved raw material suppliers.

"I’m happy that we can offer more customers our expertise in inhalation by collaborating with Iconovo. Through this close cooperation with Iconovo, the customer can quickly and seamlessly access world-class development in inhalation, which benefits the development of novel treatments that can help patients sooner," says Ronnie Wallin, CEO of Galenica.

The plan is for the manufacturing equipment to be implemented and put into operation in August 2022.

About ICOone
ICOone is a unique, patented dry powder inhaler for single use. The smart design generates an ultra-low manufacturing cost combined with simple and discreet use. It is particularly suitable for short-term treatment and as-needed use as it provides an unsurpassed low treatment cost and price point for treatments with a low number of doses. The simple design also enables patients and caregivers to learn how to handle the inhalers with minimal training. ICOone can deliver large inhalation doses that are well protected against moisture, an important factor for many biomolecules.

About Galenica AB
Galenica AB was founded in 1999 and is located at Medeon Science Park in Malmö. The business offers development and manufacturing of new pharmaceuticals both in-house and on behalf of customers. Extensive work is carried out in three different branches of activity – CRO, CMO and Pharma. Within CRO, analytical and pharmaceutical development takes place in pre-clinical and clinical phases, as well as manufacturing and quality control of investigational drugs. Small-scale commercial drug manufacturing takes place within CMO. The third branch of operations, Pharma, comprise of the company’s patented Ovixan®, a prescription cream for psoriasis and eczema. Ovixan® is the market leader in the Nordic region and is also sold in several non-Nordic markets. Oviderm® was launched in 2018, a moisturizing cream used to treat dry skin in adults, youth, and children. Galenica has also been conducting license sales of the drug Ameluz since 2021 which treats actinic keratosis in the Nordic region.