First patent granted in Japan for Iconovo’s ICOone

Iconovo AB (publ), that develops complete inhalation products for a global market, today announces that the Japanese patent authority JPO has submitted a Notice of Allowance regarding Iconovo's patent application for the inhaler platform ICOone. The patent describes the single-dose inhaler which is currently part of three innovative partner projects including the administration of oxytocin and covid-19 vaccine. Iconovo already has a well-established patent portfolio for ICOone in Sweden, Europe (EPO), USA, China, and India.

Iconovo's innovative inhaler platform ICOone enables the administration of vaccines and bioactive molecules in a simple and cost-effective way. Since the drug is dispensed as a dry powder in ICOone, no expensive and complicated cold chain is needed. Furthermore, ICOone enables easy and safe handling for both patients and healthcare professionals. Since the pharmaceutical is inhaled, there is no need for disposable syringes and used needles that might spread blood-borne infections such as HIV or hepatitis virus.

"The positive announcement from the Japanese Patent Office further strengthens the already robust international patent protection for ICOone. We see a large interest among Japanese pharmaceutical companies for Iconovo's user-friendly inhaler and with an approved patent we improve our opportunity to establish the product in one of the world's largest pharmaceutical markets", says Dr. Orest Lastow, Chief Technical Officer at Iconovo.

About ICOone®
ICOone is a unique and patented single-use dry powder inhaler. The smart design provides an ultra-low manufacturing cost combined with a simple and discreet use. It is particularly suitable for short-term and infrequent dosing treatments as it provides an unprecedentedly low treatment cost and price point for treatments with few doses. The simple design also allows patients and medical staff to handle the inhaler with minimal training. ICOone can deliver large inhalation doses that are well protected against moisture, which is important for many biomolecules. For more information, see