Iconovo to participate in the regional scale-up program 10XHEALTH

Iconovo has been invited to join the 10XHEALTH program launched by SmiLe and Medicon Village. The new 10XHEALTH program aims to provide the required skills needed to accelerate the growth for innovative scaleups in the life science industry in southern Sweden. It will cover areas such as business acumen, financing, internationalization, organization, and effective leadership. The program kicks off with a pilot in January 2024. Iconovo has been invited as an alumni company to both SmiLe and Medicon Village.

”Iconovo strives for rapid revenue and profit growth in the years to come. We are aiming for sales of 250 MSEK in 2027 and this program will equip the leadership in Iconovo with important skills to meet this ambitious target,” says Johan Wäborg, CEO of Iconovo.

The one-year program consists of nine modules, each comprising a full day of lectures and workshops at Medicon Village, followed by individually tailored follow-ups with participating companies. Each module is led by an expert in their field of expertise.

The 10XHEALTH program is partially funded by the European Regional Development Fund.