Deal gives Iconovo long-term revenue potential

In July, Iconovo announced it had signed a regional licensing agreement with BNC Korea for the development of two inhalation capsule formulations for ICOcap: the generic forms of Novartis’s Ultibro and Seebri. The territory covered by BNC Korea represents about 15 per cent of total sales of the two formulations, giving Iconovo a substantial business opportunity. 

Iconovo’s ICOcap is a capsule-based dry powder inhaler designed to be robust, but also easy to use and able to handle different capsule sizes. The device is available in two versions and has the same function and performance as Boehringer Ingelheim’s capsule-based dry powder inhaler HandiHaler and Novartis’s dry powder inhaler Breezhaler.

The inhaler has recently received CE marking and can now be purchased from Iconovo’s manufacturing and distribution partner Stevanato Group to be used in clinical trials.

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