Covid-19 nasal vaccine ready for clinical studies

Last week, Iconovo’s partner ISR received the reviewed and approved toxicology report that examined the company’s vaccine for intranasal application against SARS-CoV-2. The report shows no evidence of toxicological reactions after the 3-dose intranasal vaccine.

”With this very important step in the company’s vaccine program completed, we now move on to already planned clinical trials”, says Ola Winqvist, CEO of ISR.

ISR and Iconovo signed a partnership in 2021, regarding development of a covid-19 vaccine for nasal inhalation. Iconovo has developed the powder-based vaccine formulation and the ICOone Nasal single-use inhaler that will be distributed to pharmacies and patients. Additionally, Iconovo has guided ISR in setting up the commercial production facilities.

Both companies see a great market potential for a nasal vaccine, especially in regions with poorly developed infrastructure, since there is no need for cold chain distribution like for traditional vaccines. Further on, the vaccine can be inhaled by patients themselves and there is no need for medical staff to administer the vaccine. The nasal vaccine will give millions of people access to vaccine in regions with currently low vaccination coverage.

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